Term and Conditions

this agreemerlt was last modified on 19 August 2021

Must read before placing orders

We respect the laws, rules and regulations of each country (including the United States, Britain, Canada, etc.). The purpose of these templates is to use only in movies, TV shows,web illustrative online account verification) purpose. It is not illegal to purchase and own a PSD template from this site but is ilbgal and serious offence to create a fake P.V.C. license/card/ Identity Card for physical use. So use for fraudulent purposes is strictly prohibited.

We customize our template in a way that people cannot print to use it physically (creating a fake P.V.C. license/card/identity). If you are insure to use our template for printing, fake PVC License/Card/ID, please leave our site immediatety, do not waste your money.
Use the template with your responsibility:

• Downloading content from this site you agree for not using templates for any illegal purposes •

• Always use a scan effect document when you’re about to submit for web illustrative (online account verification). Scan effect PSD template is included with each template.

• The system is Automated and your download will be available on our website after 1 payment confirmation (lts usually takes 15 minutes).

• You can find your Order in Purchase history section.

• Send Full Payment to complete your order Automatically, if our system does not receive Full Payment order will Not complete Automatically.

• if your order is not completed after successful verification of payment, please contact us including your order number and account e-mal. We usually solve any problem within 1 hour to 3 hours.

• if you accidentally send a low payment, contact us immediately to manually resolve your order, otherwise your order will be automatically cancelled.

• if your order is in a ‘Pending Payment ‘ state please wait at least 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete the order. It will automatically complete and release download file after the Bitcoin network confirm payment or Paypal,

• lf your order is in a “Hold ‘ state it means there is something wrong with Your payment, we need to solve it manually. Just contact us includes your order number and account e-mail.

• Please download and place your templates on your computer immediately after you make a purchase. The download link will be expire within next 30 days after the date of purchase for security purpose.