How to generate PDF417 barcodes and pass verification with them?

Why Should I Pay Attention to the accuracy of barcodes?

Today, almost all important websites have their own security system, which includes photo verification of the documents. Bank accounts, marketplaces, Paypal, casinos, merchant accounts, cryptowallets, and even dating apps — they will all ask for photos of your documents before you will get access to full functionality.

So, how to successfully pass photo verification for Paxful, Binance or any other website? Usually, during the verification, the app or website will ask you to provide a selfie, bank statement (for address verification) front and back sides of your driver license or ID Card. So, you need to be well-prepared. Of course, all visual aspects: the data on the document and your photo — are incredibly important. As well as the quality of the used PSD template. Please pay attention to the fact that templates for almost all countries can be found on our website – here.

But did you ever think why they need the back side of your document? That’s because they will not only verify by visual methods but also scan the barcode on the backside of your document. So, that’s why the barcodes on the backside of your document should always be accurate.

Type of barcodes and what is encoded into PDF417 and Code128 barcodes?

Most of the templates use two different types of barcodes: Code128 and PDF417. Usually, Code128 consists of simple information like the inventory number of the document. The most common scenario is when the inventory number is typed on the front side of the document and encoded into a Code128 barcode on the backside of Driver license. Some states use Code39 instead of Code128. It’s typical to Canadian states – Ontario, for instance. Code39 is also used to encode the inventory number of the document.

What data is encoded into a PDF417 barcode?

The simplest and most accurate answer here will be — it depends. It depends on many factors, such as the country, state, and revision of the document. Every state in almost any country has its own PDF417 format. Moreover, these states have few revisions for any document. They created a new revision, which means that they will not use the old revision anymore. Guess what happened? They changed the PDF417 format. So, every country has states, and each state has a few revisions to the documents. Each revision has its own PDF417 barcode format.

The array of data changes from state to state. It could be the simplest data and contain just basic information — your name and address, as in Argentina. It could also be more complex and contain even the colour of your skin. For instance, here is the detailed and official guide to what is encoded in Florida’s barcodes and that’s how we came to the question: why should you never use free PDF417 barcode generators?

Why should you never use free PDF417 barcode generators?

Simplest answer because it will fail your photo verification. Each state has its own format for barcodes, and all free PDF417 generators use just one format (usually the oldest one) for all states. Of course, if you provide the back side of your driver license with that kind, and some cryptowallet will decode it, they will straightaway find out that your document is fake. Because the format of it has not been relevant for more than 10 years, and the state of your document has never ever used that format.

Moreover, you can make mistakes in your name or in the document number during the generation. So, you should always check barcodes for accuracy and correspondence to the data on the front side of your document.

How to check barcodes for accuracy and correspondence to the data on the front side of your document?

All barcodes can be checked by simply scanning them with a special application on your smartphone or by uploading them to a special website. There are many solutions you can easily find in the internet. Use the one that looks more comfortable for you. We recommend using Scandit, Regula, or InLite. These have been well-known and available on the market for a very long time.

Just scan the barcode with any PDF417 barcode checker and check if the data decoded from the barcode is the same as on the front side of your document.

Proper solution for your PDF417, Code128 and Code39 barcode generation

In our years of working with templates, we tried about ten different barcode generators and found just the best solution for you. It is

It is a Telegram bot, which means you do not have to register any account or be afraid of any personal data leaking. It’s very simple — just use the command /generate in the bot and select PDF417 + Code128. You will be redirected to the web form. Fill it with data according to the front page of your document, and that’s it. You will receive a zip archive with properly generated barcodes as a reply from the bot in Telegram.

Most of the data in the barcode can be generated through the form. For instance, if you do not know the document number, you can generate it through a web form and then copy it for future use in Photoshop. The bot also provides functions for MRZ string generation. Which means MRZ strings for passports, ID cards, and VISAs, as well as PDF417 barcodes, can all be generated through one solution.

You can generate barcodes for any state in the USA and Canada. Every state will have its own barcode format, which will look exactly like the one on the original document from that state and will have the data encoded to the barcode with 100% correspondence to the original.

The last sentence is extremely important for our work. We have checked it with many states, and each barcode has the same format and the same number of rows and columns as the original document from that state. Moreover, barcodes generated in PDF417MRZ can be checked through any barcode checker available on the market.

The solution from PDF417MRZ is not free, but very affordable. Unlike other competitors, they do not have any prices per generation. PDF417MRZ sells subscriptions instead. If you have an active subscription, you can generate as many barcodes as you want.

Prices for the PDF417MRZ bot

  • 1 day for 10 USD.
  • 1 month for 50 USD.
  • 1 year for 400 USD.

We are ready to provide some help to all visitors of our website and make their lives easier. With our discount code PSDSELLER14 you will have 14 days of free usage with full access to all functionalities of PDF417MRZ Bot. It will make your life easier, and it will be more than enough to make you understand the functionality of this solution.

Just start the bot, select the language, enter /discount command and enter discount code – PSDSELLER14. 

So, with the solution from PDF417MRZ you can easily increase the quality of your work and, with our code you can do it absolutely free for 14 days. Always use good templates with proper data and photos. Always use a valid PDF417 barcode generator and check generated barcodes for mistakes and never use free generators. With these simple steps you will be wondering how good the quality of your works will start to be.